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Do you want business success? Well, it is not easy! Believe me, we know. Did you know, an estimated 20% of startups fail during their first year of operation? There are several reasons for business failure or success whether you are a small or large business! These reasons are many but here are just a few:

  • Quality of business plan or model
  • Demand for products or services
  • Competitive landscape
  • Quality of Leadership (character, competence, commitment)
  • Availability of cash
  • Timing or just plain focus

Having weathered some of these challenges during our careers, Panzarella LLC provides the Consulting and Coaching Services necessary to help you and your team navigate, mitigate, and overcome these many challenges. We have experienced C-Level Consultants, Entrepreneurs, and Executive Coaches who can work side-by-side with you and your team to plan for and manage through the Business Lifecycle as we see it: Plan, Launch, Implement, Grow, Optimize and Leader Development.

We value you as our client and take pride in delivering our quality consulting services in every aspect of the Business Lifecycle model. We also value lifelong learning and provide a suite of Leader Development Services including coaching, mentoring, motivational speaking, and board participation. Please challenge us! Inquire and let us know how we can assist you in achieving business success!