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NVSBC Board Election Announcement 2022

Phil Panzarella, CEO

Written by Phil Panzarella, Bill Rinderknecht

June 25, 2022

Congratulations to Phillip Panzarella, who, with Nancy Langer and Al Sowers, were elected to the National Veteran Small Business Coalition‘s Board of Directors.

Phil has held positions with large corporations including IBM, ENTEX, and Siemens. He is also a successful entrepreneur.

  • Veteran and soldier for life.
  • Over 30 years of government contracting experience.
  • Recognized community leader.

Phil walks the talk. “Live, Learn, Earn, and Return” is the mantra behind his talk. One doesn’t need to spend more than five minutes with him to see that he translates those words into practice.  “God put us on Earth to make a living, but not just for ourselves.”  “The ‘return’ piece is the most important part of that equation.  It’s not what we take, it’s what we give back that’s important.”

“Let’s Grow Together!”

As the nationally recognized Veteran small business organization in the United States, NVSBC leads and promotes the growth, strength, and success of Veteran-owned small businesses in the federal marketplace.

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