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Business mentoring

Mentoring: Our team provides experienced and trusted advisors to train and/or counsel leaders to achieve their business and personal goals. The types of mentorships include but are not limited to:

    1. Advisor
    2. Positive Source of Encouragement
    3. Champion

Provide advice and guidance based upon years of collective experience in domains of interest to include: personal brand, IT, government contracting, strategy development, transition, Leadership & people management, capture, business development, growth, and operations. In addition, may share ideas and provide feedback.

Positive Source of Encouragement

Act as a sounding board for ideas/concerns about jobs, career choices, and business opportunities. Provide active listening while providing insights and suggestions where appropriate. Also, help to identify risks and mitigation strategies.


Identify resources to help a mentee enhance personal development and career growth. Be a connector, maven, and salesperson (defined by Malcolm Gladwell) to help expand your network of contacts. Serve as an advocate for mentee. Work to seek opportunities for increased visibility.


Business mentoring