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Coaching is listening to you, identifying what you need, leveraging your innate talents, and helping you develop an action plan to achieve the desired results. The emphasis is on you finding the solution, not instructing or leading you. Coaching is truly partnering with you as a client in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires you (the client) to maximize your personal and professional potential. The process of coaching often unlocks previously untapped sources of imagination, productivity, and leadership.

Coaching is a goal and results-oriented process that can focus on any area of your business or personal life. Coaching will equip you with the tools, knowledge to be more effective. In the business context, coaching can help you develop new insights into the skills, attitudes and behaviors that will better enable you to support the strategy of the business. It will arm you with creative ways to manage changes in your organization, align the team to meet business challenges, and create specific action steps to evoke immediate and long-term growth.


Mentoring: Our team provides experienced and trusted advisors to train and/or counsel leaders to achieve their business and personal goals. The types of mentorships include but are not limited to the following:

  1. Advisor: Provide advice and guidance based upon years of collective experience in domains of interest, including personal brand, IT, government contracting, strategy development, transition, Leadership & people management, capture, business development, growth, and operations. In addition, may share ideas and provide feedback.
  2. Positive Source of Encouragement: Act as a sounding board for ideas/concerns about jobs, career choices, and business opportunities. Provide active listening while providing insights and suggestions where appropriate. Also, help to identify risks and mitigation strategies.
  3. Champion. Identify resources to help mentees enhance personal development and career growth. Be a connector, maven, and salesperson (defined by Malcolm Gladwell) to help expand your network of contacts. Serve as an advocate for mentees. Work to seek opportunities for increased visibility.

    Motivational Speaking

    We provide motivational speakers on Leadership, Ethics, and navigating transition or change. We’ll focus on planning, building, and then emphasizing avenues to effectively grow your business. This will include organic growth, growth through partnering, and growth through mergers & acquisitions. We’ll also help you understand the power and tools of networking to broaden your reach and develop lasting relationships. With an ethical approach to business and relationships, it takes time and persistence to thrive in your chosen industry. We help you find the leader within!

    Board Participation

    In corporate governance, boards and board dynamics have gained significant importance, scrutiny, and notoriety. These entities, if high performing, can be effective groups for creating change and improving performance in organizations. Yet, each board consists of individuals with their own experiences and objectives. Having someone on your team with board and business experience who understands these dynamics can help the board be more effective in communicating, creating safe spaces to discuss, and ultimately improve the decision-making for the organization.

    Phil actively participates on for-profit and non-profit boards to add value and help them achieve business success. He brings significant board experience having been Chair of a number of organizations and also led or was directly involved in various board committees including development, finance, governance, marketing, membership, and risk.