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Easterseals and Veterans

Written by Phil Panzarella

January 22, 2022

Organizations like Easterseals Veteran Staffing Network (VSN) have been assisting veterans, guard/reservists and spouses find meaningful employment across all industries throughout the United States. From our experience, the VSN has yielded great success in matching skills to opportunities specifically in the construction industry. There are established parallels that exist between the military and construction skill sets, and many candidates have qualities that construction companies would value such as flexibility, dependability, and accountability. Military service trains veterans to be problem solvers, team-orientated, safety-conscious, and respectful of the same kinds of hierarchical structures that exist in the world of construction.

To read the article go to Construction Companies Offer Strong Parallels for Veteran Employment | U.S. Veterans Magazine (usveteransmagazine.com)

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