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The Business Life Cycle

Plan > Launch > Implement > Grow > Optimize > Leader development

We work with your business and the leadership team to develop a holistic approach to looking at your business from start-up to the next level of sustainable growth in this fast-paced, tech-driven environment. As a business leader, your organization can be in a start-up mode or just executing a new strategic plan to get to the next level of sustainable and profitable growth. Our advisors and seasoned consultants will be there to help you navigate the business journey which has many twists and turns. We work with you through the following key phases of the business life-cycle: Plan > Launch > Implement > Grow > Optimize

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Planning is just that…. Our team will work with you whether you are an entrepreneur and starting your first business with incorporation and registrations or a seasoned executive looking to revitalize and grow your organization with new clients or new lines of business or through a merger or acquisition. Each starts with an assessment of where you are in this journey and what your intended goals are for the business.

We can help with the Strategic business plan. The plan is the fundamental document or blueprint that defines the following for that specific activity: your mission, market analysis, products or services, channels for delivery, differentiators, target clients (markets and industries), past performance, organization, employee base (careers, recruiting), leadership team, growth plans and financials (including: cost structure and revenue streams).


Launching a new business or a new direction requires specific certifications, registrations, and requirements. Whether starting a new business, entering specific industries such as Federal or State and Local Government Contracting, construction, CBRNE, healthcare, or classified environments. Each requires processes, certifications, verifications, licenses (potentially) and procedures to be identified and ready for implementation.


During implementation and operation, there are many moving pieces that have to be managed, directed, measured, improved, and developed. Our Advisors can help with implementation, program management, contract and performance management, change management, risk identification, and human resource management.


Growth can happen in a number of ways. Our advisors can assist in helping grow your business through organic growth. Attempting to go deeper and wider into existing accounts with new offerings. Or it can include looking at delivering your offerings to new clients. This support can include Business Development, partnerships, opportunity assessments, pipeline creation, color team reviews, orals preparation, or creating new offerings.

Other aspects of growth include joint ventures and mergers and acquisitions (M&A). Many organizations leverage capital assets to help buy a company or contract (asset) to help propel their organization to the next level of sustainable and profitable growth. During this phase, building the right experienced team to conduct a thorough objective investigation is critical. We can assist in building the team and helping with the many inherent processes like planning, target identification, due diligence, and transition.

Also in this phase, things like selling your business, transferring ownership, or exiting the business can also be addressed. We can help you plan your exit strategy.


Most businesses establish plans without understanding the capability of their processes. Part of our approach is to help the business map their core value streams which can range from order to delivery and along the way identify associated key processes and metrics. From there we map the key processes to identify the opportunities to launch improvement projects and/or implement solutions. We ensure owners are assigned to a specific process and each process has definable metrics or standards to measure performance. This approach ensures some discipline and a firm foundation upon which to build.

Leader Development

Leader Development is a ….part of the business life cycle…

  1. Coaching
  2. Mentoring
  3. Motivational Speaking
  4. Board Participation

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Our Objective

With our seasoned professionals, we apply our years of experience in Coaching, federal contracting, business management, strategic planning, process improvement, and human capital management to help you navigate this journey in a methodical manner to enable business and personal success in today’s fast-paced, technology-driven environment.

Our ultimate goal is to assist in delivering mutually agreed upon tangible results for you and your organization. We do this by applying our business methodology to your organizational challenges. We begin with an assessment (formal or informal) of key areas of your organization to determine strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. We work with the leadership team to identify gaps and then to develop a business plan with actionable items, timelines, and owners to move forward. This living and actionable plan will guide you through each stage of the business depending on where you are in the lifecycle. The plan will be a roadmap for how to structure, operate, grow and potentially exit your business. It will be a way for you to think through, grow and evaluate the key elements of your business.

This approach will help you in a number of critical ways. First, it is a real-time roadmap to guide your operations. Second, it is invaluable in helping you gain funding or bringing on new business partners should that be part of your strategic plan. Third, it is a tool to convince people, clients, and organizations that working with you and your firm or investing in your company is “the Right Choice”.