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15th Annual West Point Leadership & Ethics Conference

Dr. Linda Singh Speaking at WPLEC 2022

Written by Phil Panzarella, Tom Deierlein

June 23, 2022

WPLEC 2022 Sponsors

We are happy to report the 15th Annual West Point Leadership and Ethics Conference (WPLEC) that took place on March 17th was back to in-person and a huge success with the help of our sponsors and volunteers. As a reminder, about 50 local high schools participate in the conference each year by sending four 11th graders who have been identified as school leaders. Each of the 200+ students will learn how to deal with leadership and ethical challenges in an ethical decision-making model. It is based on a well-founded decision-making model and framework taught to United States Military Academy cadets. While it is mostly a small group workshop method, WPLEC had some impressive speakers, Dr. Linda Singh, Dr. Nardos King, and 1LT Simone Askew this year. You can watch their videos by clicking on their names.

WPLEC 2022 Speakers

WPLEC 2022 Speakers

WPLEC also announced the six High School Juniors student winners of the 2022 scholarship program associated with this event.  These six scholarships totaling $9K and certificates were presented to each of these students in their local schools with parents and friends present. 

Student Participants

Students work in small groups with peers and instructors to analyze and discuss case studies that emphasize leadership & ethical scenarios. 

By the way, if you never heard of WPLEC?  That’s okay – learn more about WPLEC 2022 in this video. vimeo.com/699598761/acea20035a

2023 planning has already started.  Want to volunteer or contribute as a sponsor?  Contact Tom Deierlein ‘89, tomdeierlein@gmail.com, 917-287-5961.

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